Run for the Philippines anywhere you live
Turn your next run or race (anywhere, any time, and any distance) into a virtual fundraiser for UNICEF USA to benefit those affected by Super Typhoon Haiyan. NYRR will match the first $26,200 in donations.

Get set up on Crowdrise to donate or raise funds. Please don't del...ay—the need is urgent for millions of people, and every dollar will make a difference. Mobilize your friends and family and get started right away.

And claim and share your "I Run for the Philippines" badge

All funds will go to UNICEF, which has been working in the Philippines and is providing lifesaving help to children and families, including medical kits, tarpaulins, nutrition packets, water purification tablets, sanitation supplies, and other essentials in afflicted areas.

Man hunts an antelope by jogging after it for 8 hours

In this video a man hunts an antelope by jogging after it for 8 hours. If you read born to run you have heard about this technique but they finally got it on video which is always interesting. Humans can keep going and going our minds try to slow us down but our bodies can do a lot more then most people ever try to do. I never thought you could outrun a huge beast hunting with no weapons but they can't sweat to cool down like humans.

Athletes and plant-based nutrition, is it just a fad? Can performance be enhanced by giving up on the supplements and focusing in on the produce section?
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Support the Special Olympics New York

Our Metro Tournament, the largest tournament for Special Olympics New York, will be held on Sunday, June 2nd 2013 at Queens College and we're looking for runners to participate in our Law Enforcement Torch Run that officially opens the games that day. The Law Enforcement Torch Run, started by the law enforcement community, is open to everyone. Runners/walkers/joggers participate in a 1.3 mile ceremonial run, carrying the torch, that runs into the Metro Tournament and officially opens the games! This is an amazing opportunity to show support for the organization. It costs $20 to participate (that's right - just $20) and you will receive a dri-fit t-shirt. Sign up today and be a part of Special Olympics History!
Runner meet at 8:30 am, Sunday, June 2nd 2013 and will be finished by 11:30am.
Of course we welcome you to stay and watch our athletes compete in Basketball Skills, Track & Field, Aquatics, Power lifting and Volleyball teams. 
Interested? Please contact: Katie Jo Righi/ 212-661-5217 x 214/ 

Zach Galifianakis for New Balance watch SNL clip here

In New York city Zach Galifianakis was in an amazing fake add done for SNL about New Balance. I see the sneaker look everyday. Very few tourist wear anything other than sneakers, shorts, logoed T-shirt and baseball cap. Why is it that people buy sports gear and then walk around in it leisurely until their bodies explode the seams? How about if you are not going to work out in the next 4 hours(that is a lot of leeway) you just dress nice.

Debunking the paleo diet: Christina Warinner at TEDxOU

I believe this is the clearest stance on what a person starting a paleo diet should do. Christina Warinner talks a bit about focusing on eating what grows geographically near you and in season for higher nutrient content. Consumption of animals should be at times of food scarcity and be eaten sparingly for survival. Paleo is natural, if we are talking greens, tubers, rice, corn and beans as a foundation. Paleo is not bacon and eggs, that is called gluttony.

Running for relaxation

I love running because it not only is the cheapest sport I have ever been a part of but it is the easiest exercise that can be done anywhere anytime. The idea of going running sometimes seems too difficult when there is a lot on your plate. Time is precious but running can be meditation, relaxation and the stress relief that helps with productivity. This principal of working out in order to be more productive is similar to people eating more to lose weight. It only works if you are smart about your choices and keeping a balance. City life is odd, as spring approaches there is an itch in some city dwellers, an itch to weed. People can be found weeding parks, strangers flower gardens even sidewalk weeds to prepare for new life. Get rid of the weeds in your home, job, heart and mind to prepare for new life and run today!
If you have not ran for 2 weeks you should run today.
If you haven't ran for 2 months you should run today.
If you have not ran this year you should run today.
If you have never ran before you should run today.
If you have a good excuse for not running you should run today.
If you could run with Steve Prefontaine today, you would run. You should run today.

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Don't give up!

No matter how hard something gets do not give up! Fight for what is rightfully yours and stand and shout with your head held high. People may abuse you and nature may steal all that you have to hold, but no one can take you from you. You must live with yourself and die by yourself. Today whatever you are going to give up, remember only you will have to live with this decision forever.