What is your Running Shirt

Your running shirt is something of value it is part of your uniform now maybe you have a couple or maybe you never thought about it but you should. What you run in sends a message to yourself and others around you. That message can be I don't care looking like a slob, I have every new thing and I look like a space alien, I'm broke and becoming broken. I do not think you should buy new gear and be up to date all the time but it is worth buying a decent outfit if you do run all the time. I gotten tech shirts, cotton, polyester, and different blends like the one in this video mostly inherited by signing up for races. My favorite T-shirt has to be one I bought in a surf shop made of alpaca and it is so soft and light and breathes I love it and have worn it to death. I ran into a friend who was running in an old shirt that looked like it was actually disintegrating off his body and he said if I could buy it like this I would. What is really important is that you pick a uniform so that when you put it on you send a message to your whole body that it is time to Run!

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  1. Yeah, this is so true. You don't want clothing that can actually distract you from your run. I would want something that becomes a machine that will work with me.