Chuggin gels while running.

You have seen them before, maybe even slipped on one at a race but have you tried one? The first time I ever tried a gel, Power Bar was this great company everyone went to for athleticism and then a lot of people got fat and stopped eating them. I was 12 and my Mom had ran in the Starlight parade run in Portland Oregon and was given some stuff including a gel which to me had to be good since power bar in my mind was going to make me an athlete. I tore off the top tab and sucked in the flavor and then spat it right on the floor, ugh it was so terrible! Chocolate flavored barf should have been the title. Fast forward 17 years later a little more knowledge of running and performance supplements and I was handed one before the half marathon. Until last week I have never tried a gel again. Strawberry banana was the flavor, one thing I knew is that it would not taste like any fruit, with this in mind I held onto it and halfway into the race it was almost liquid from heating up. Heat would help it go down and be absorbed in the body faster the stomach doesn't digest as easily until food is body temp. I saw a water station coming up and knew if it was awful I could wash it out of my mouth. I squeezed the whole thing into my mouth and trying not to taste it I swallowed and tried to keep calm. When I got water the flavor(which was tolerable) dissipated and my outlook of pushing harder to the finish seemed more realistic. I did feel a change and a boost not immediately but enough that I will use gels again and I hope I can find a few better flavors. For long distance training runs experiment with gels if you haven't tried them and see if they make a difference.  Let me know what you have tried in the comments section.

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