McCarren Park Track Classic

Registration: NBR McCarren Park Track Classic (03-10-2012 09:00 AM)

Last year, Brooklyn became the home of a brand new marathon and was welcomed with open arms by all of the distance-running darlings of the city. However, for those of you that have the need for speed, North Brooklyn Runners is inviting the running clubs (and individuals) of New York City to their home turf for the first ever McCarren Park Track Classic on March 10. 

If the New York Times profile on the McCarren Park Track made you jealous of what those NBR fellas (and ladies!) have right in their backyard, now’s the chance to get a taste of what the secret to their continued success has been. On the morning of March 10, the McCarren Park Track and its inner field will be reserved exclusively for RUNNERS ONLY.  That’s right, folks!   No rogue soccer balls, no strollers in the inner lane and no dodging feral children!

The McCarren Park Track Classic is guaranteed to be an exciting competition!  So get your spikes and your flats ready because NBR is offering everything from sprints and 1-milers to 2-milers and a series of relays.  And, knowing NBR, don’t be surprised if there’s an after party somewhere near!

Each runner will be limited to three events to allow everyone a chance to compete.  As of now, the following events are being offered:
Individual Events
Men 2 mile
Women 2 mile
Men 1 mile
Women's 1 mile
Women's 400
Mens 400
Women's 800
Men's 800
Relay Events
Women 4 X200 relay
 Men 4X200 relay
Womens 4X400 Relay
Mens 4X400 Relay
Distance Medley Relay
Sprint Medley Relay
Co-Ed Distance Medley Relay
Co-Ed Sprint Medley Relay

For more information and to sign up for the events visit!
 (All material was written by NYCRUNS.COM and reposted on this blog)

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