Running book review Engine 2 Diet

Being one of the worlds top triathletes Rip Esselstyn knows what we need to fuel up and stay strong to the end. On my quest to become the best runner possible and share the knowledge as it comes, a book was given to me with the suggestion that it may help with my running. Not running techniques but the diet of other endurance athletes and why it is possible to accomplish their feats with a diet restriction.The Engine 2 Diet is not about suffering for four weeks to lose 10 lbs or avoiding carbs or only eating meat. It is actually the opposite because it is about how to eat a plant based diet and how it is enjoyable and how it will change your life. My complaint was if I don't have protein how can I be an athlete? Won't I shrivel up? Will I lose all my muscles? Will I be really tired? I don't have time. It will cost a lot of money? All of those queries were answered in the pages of this book and after a few months of following this plan I have ran better and have more energy. I eat less now because I am fuller faster with the constant access to nutrient dense food. I also ran a marathon for the first time not feeling heavy, experiencing cramps and not having to use the bathroom. When people talk about optimal health this is what I am experiencing, when it comes to running a plant based diet is my new lifestyle. As far as holidays eating out and enjoying food I have found so many amazing dishes and restaurants and meat eaters are always jealous of what I'm chowing down on. This book will not teach you about how to transition to being an outsider with food or how to enjoy salad, this is about living longer, vibrantly, overcoming the greatest medical problems, no longer needing medication and living instead of surviving. Eat to live and live to Run!

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