Running in Sleepy Hollow

Fire house window
The Sleepy Hollow Half Marathon, oh wow! How exciting running like the headless horseman is chasing you thru the woods and over the hills. The thing is this is 2012 not the 1800's there was no forest, during the half marathon we were running on streets the whole way, even 3 miles on the highway, only 100 yards was on a grassy hill. But the hills are definitely still there as for the woods they have been taken over by families living a suburban dream. Most people handing out water at stations were boy scouts and tiny brownie girl scouts. The cheering was endless from the tight knit community and they had made some of the funniest signs I had ever seen. One that got me cracking up was a picture of Bettie White eating a giant hot dog and it said run dog gonnit. The hills were an exciting addition that are not normally in many marathons and I had not really prepared but I finished in a decent time of 1 hour 40 mins and will be cutting that down by a third as I push onward to run 7 more marathons this year. The Brooklyn half marathon opens today at noon and will get filled in a few hours if that. This year it will end at Coney Island. Runners run and cheer at marathons it will change your life!
The flag was the start and finish held up by two fire trucks, AMERICA!
Running by the river and seeing the little light house was nice
Smallest group I have ever run with for a race in New York

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