Running Socks? Does it matter?

Running Socks? Does it matter? Yes! There are a number of reasons why you need socks that are specific to running. First of all the slightest bit of fabric or stitching in any running shoes after 5 miles will irratate the skin. Barefoot running is producing better feet coverings that are basically shoes and in this year we will have seamless shoes as you may have seen on the post about the Nike flyknit seamless shoes. For now or if you would rather stick with the shoes you have then spend $2 hundred dollars spend $15 and get running socks! Running socks help with blisters, sweat, rubbing, weight every ounce counts and lets not forget bloodflow. Other then that socks are not just socks, if you run alot this is part of your uniform, your outfit, your armour. Every runner needs his or her armour to battle the streets and trails, something that sets running time apart from everthing else. So that as you put these articles on your body begins to get excited like when the mouth salivates for food that has only been smelt or seen from afar. As far as what brands to buy that is up to the individual I myself just bought some on clearance but have loved them. Get taller socks to avoid rubbing on back of ankle if your shoes are ruff and don't write off wool as being a winter fabric they are also used by top runners in the summer. Runners run with good socks that keep your feet dry and happy!

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