Caballo Blanco (Micah True)ultra runner legend found dead

I heard about this yesterday but was unsure if it was true people tend to make really stupid jokes on April fools and I was hoping it was all going to go away. Micah True was found in the Gilla national forest in New Mexico on Saturday evening and they spent most of Sunday hiking his body out of the woods due to the ruff terrain. The autopsy will be performed later this week but it seems that he died of natural causes. Micah True rose to fame after his story was told in the book Born to Run. In the book he is referred to as Caballo Blanco (White Horse) because that is what the natives called him in Copper Canyon in Mexico, because he had long blonde hair to his shoulders and was always running around almost naked and with such speed the children thought they were seeing a ghost. He befriended the Tarahumara Indians a quiet native tribe that for the most part had kept out of modern life and used running as one of the sources of recreation and entertainment. Caballo Blanco then decided to set up the Copper Canyon Ultra Marathon, a 50-plus mile extreme race that took place in Urique, Mexico. The race would take place in march but was hardly bearable with the heat in that region and the lack of water stations or any help whatsoever in the heart of Mexico's mountainous desert. The first race was only a few runners including Caballo there were seven. Within a short time he had professionals including Scott Jurek, who Caballo had named the deer. The last race in march 2011 there were many runners including women in the dresses seen below. Micah True lived up to his name he had a good heart and was a great runner, I can't imagine him wanting to be doing anthing other then running on his last day. Run today because you love running.

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