Next step to progress is a strict plant based diet

                A lot of people assume the only reason not to eat meat is because you care about all the sweet little animals and in reality I do care about them but it never was a deciding factor when it came to feeding my hunger. But after extensive research on health issues including, heart disease, cancer, diabetes, digestive disorders, weight, skin, immune system, and rehabilitation, it is clear that consuming animal products are at the foundation of many ailments. I have Grandparents that have had heart attacks and a triple bypass a Mother with a heart murmur and while in the best shape of my life I have experienced acute pains in my chest that resemble heart attacks. I have friends that are models and actors in great shape that have already gone to the hospital for heart attacks and cancer. Micah True(Caballo Blanco) died of a heart issue and most of the deaths in Marathons are due to heart issues not because they aren't in good shape or healthy.  So I asked myself what is the issue and clearly avoiding animal products is not the only solution to living forever but it is at the center since the food we consume is what our bodies use to create each cell in our body.
              We need to lower stress, get more sleep, avoid drugs including alcohol, caffeine and other so called supplements, as well as get off our asses and be with people moving around and interacting. But what I eat I have total control over and nothing in life controls it. After spending the last year as a vegetarian, it proved to me it was not more expensive to eat healthier, because of the fiber I ate less and was full longer. Running has also become easier and I feel better most of the time. There are many books that influenced my decision to no longer eat meat and dairy products, there are also some amazing athletes some old some young all on the top of the list.

Scott Jurek is the multiple winner of 100-mile races and twice winner of the Badwater Ultra Marathon
Brendan Brazier is a professional Ironman triathlete
Mac Danzig is an American professional mixed martial arts fighter
Jane Black has set many Masters National and World records in weightlifting.
Keith Holmes is an American boxer

There are many more athletes that can be found at vegan-athletes

These are the books that have influenced my decision as well
Engine 2 Diet recipes and instruction on how to make manly men healthy
Eating Animals good read even for a carnivore first chapter is the proper way to kill and eat a dog
Finding Ultra The story of a man who turned his life around from fat and dieing to an athlete at 40
Thrive Fitness The science behind plant based/Vegan nutrition and how to eat and enjoy it written by the creator of Vega products

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