Free Running playlist from your new friend Dustin

Did you ever have a friend that seemed to have experienced everything before you and somehow has been listening to bands for the last 5 years that you have just discovered? Dustin Wadsworth has been that friend to me and has constantly introduced me to new music that I have gone on to purchase and even gone to their shows. I do not condone pirating or the stealing of any art work and I believe that we should pay it forward. I also don't believe that radio is what it was and there are so many artist that the music scene is getting really hard to filter through all the bad music. I also know that more then likely you would never here this music if it wasn't for someone introducing it to you. So you may download this and never listen to it again or you might fall in love and buy these bands albums. So here is the link from your new friend Dustin Wadsworth top 20

Here is his Twitter feed he also likes running and just moved to NYC so say hi and take him for a run.

Dustin also told me, "For the record, all of those mp3's are promotional. I don't ever put anything up that was downloaded illegally so the illegal thing isn't a question and you can download with a clear conscience!"

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